We specialize in Laser Engraved Wood
up to 2' x 3'
($0.45 per sq. in.) and
Carved Wood Signs, up to 5' x 15'
($0.35 per sq. in.)
Sandblasted Wood Signs @ ($0.65 per sq. in.)
(All prices includes wood, paint and clear coat)
Laser Engraving - Laser Cutting - CNC Router from Cereal, Alberta

Lasercuts.ca is a family run business based out of Cereal, in south eastern Alberta offering high end, high speed laser engraving and cutting services, as well cnc router of smaller items using 'state of the art' technology producing superb results for our clients throughout Alberta and Canada or the USA.

We specialise in personalisation; from engraving single items and bulk orders to corporate branding, brand printing especially for promotional merchandise, light metal engraving,laser cutting, laser engraving, glass engraving, wood engraving, gift engraving, iPad and Tablet engraving, Kindle engraving, to etching
grave markers, and acrylic sheets cut to size, anything including fabrics to any size up to 35.43" x 23.62".

By combining the highest quality manufacturing processes with genuine design and creativity, we produce unique products with perfect end results each time. Having invested in the industry’s state of the art laser and cnc machines, our modern, high-powered Laser enables us to produce high quality work with efficient speed and precision accuracy. Our work range, from one-off projects to sub contract services, providing laser cutting and engraving services to large companies and individuals alike.
Laser engraving & Cutting

We can engrave on most any material from wood, veneers, plastic, glass, crystal, leather, foam, fabrics, stone, granite, ceramics and light metal. We also offer cnc engraving on light medals ncluding anything from gift items to electronic goods such as shoes and computers to steering wheels.

We will always do our best and are happy to advise on the suitability of any product accordingly. If we can, we will do our best to make it happen upon request the following:

Popular engraving requests:

Acrylic engraving – we engrave on any acrylic display.
Granite Grave Markers - from 24" x 12"
Engraved gifts – for memorable wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and more.
Glass engraving – we can personalise most glass items and awards as well as crystal pieces.
iPad engraving – have your own design laser engraved onto your iPad and case.
Kindle engraving – on both your kindle and kindle case.
Leather engraving – personalise your gun slipcase or even a leather satchel.
Metal engraving – stainless steel plaques to zippo lighters to knives and tins.
Mobile engraving – improve the security of your phone with our mobile phone engraving service.
Wood engraving – let us engrave your chess set, sports equipment and wooden plaques.

Workable area: 35.43" x 23.62" x 300mm

Vinyl Cut Decals:

We also offer vinyl cut decals through our sister company


We offer a wide variety of services of Sandblasting, Soda and Media Blasting through our parent company
Eco Media Blasting

Pricing for 2018

Laser Engraved Wood - from $45 to $120
Routered Engraved Wood - $0.35 per sq. in.
Granite Grave Markers (24" x 12" x 1-1/4") Laser Engrave or Sandblasted - $395
Custom built wood products - Cost of wood + design + laser engraving
Sandblasted Wood Signs - $0.65 per sq. in.

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