This is my own headstone Laser Engraved on Dec. 23, 2018, on Black Granite 24" x 12" x 1.25".

On a test piece of Granite I took a grinder to an engrave image done the same here and it did nothing to the image engraved.
These laser engraved headstone will probably last for 100 years or more under Alberta weather.

I purchase the ready cut and polished granite in Alberta, and it takes two days from start to finish to complete the whole process.

We will deliver this finished product in a wooded crate by courier or if it is with 100 km of our shop, we personally will deliver your headstone.

The cost is $750 complete, and if it requires delivery by courier then this would be added.

We also provide colour to any part of the engraved areas using 1shot paint that is the BEST for outside and lasting.
Pricing for 2019

Laser Engraved Laminated Spruce Wood Plaques around 10" x 16" @ $95
Laser Engraved Laminated Maple Wood Plaques around 11" x 16" @ $135
Routered Engraved Wood (Any size) - Starting @ $350
Granite Grave Markers (24" x 12" x 1-1/4") Laser Engrave or Sandblasted - $750
Custom built wood products - Cost of wood + design + laser engraving
Sandblasted Wood Signs starting @ $350
copyright to any laser engraving add $1200
Call for special pricing
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